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If You Decide To Stay…

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Here we are again! I can’t believe you’re still here and I must confess – It’s been a struggle letting you walk through my mind again. It’s a lot easier when I feel like you don’t notice me. I can only stare a little longer when I know you won’t be looking – so you won’t catch me. But now, I think you see me. Now, I think I mean something so I’m trying to move a little different.

So to you, one of many hopeless hearts just passing through
Trapped in a blur not knowing what to do
Here’s me hoping to reach out to you…

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About Us

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“For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse, crumble! This is not your destruction. This is your birth.” N.T

“I understood myself only after destroying myself and only in the process of fixing myself, did I know who I really was.” Sade Andria Zabala.

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Monday Motivation

The Internet Of Things


I was recently invited by The Innovation Village Kampala to speak on how to use social media to build your business/brand at their The Idea Cafe. It was such an honor to be recognized as a successful entrepreneur with something to offer through the milestones and achievements of Paple Rayn. I got to meet an amazing team of panelists with whom I shared the floor and picked up a thing or two. Aaron Musoke; Content Manager Blu Flamingo and Joshua Mugisha; CEO Brighter Monday

Here are a few of my tips on; How To Grow Your Business On Social Media

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