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“For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse, crumble! This is not your destruction. This is your birth.” N.T

“I understood myself only after destroying myself and only in the process of fixing myself, did I know who I really was.” Sade Andria Zabala.

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Dear Men (18)

Well, hello my Valentine!
If you’re reading my blog today, you have the pleasurable honor of being my sweet valentine 🙂
I thought about what I’d want to say during the moments of this sweet, red tainted and ever so corny period of the year (it just is…) I’ve put a little spin on it and turned it into something less cliché – or so I hope, so here goes!

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Deep ThoughtsMonday Motivation

Finding Nemo…

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Welcome back to my little world of possibilities. I’m trying to blog at least twice a month now so I don’t lose your interest just like my date did at that P.5 Lohana Academy School dance because I showed up dressed in a leotard. I’d have been a pro at chicken tiika recipes and chili bombs by now but oh well, I think I’m doing pretty okay being a bad-ass at cream mashed potatoes, banana bread cakes, sweet pork and beef barbecue sauce.

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Fools With You

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Welcome back to my blog after what seems like a century! It’s been the busiest year for me to date and I’m grateful for that, although it kept me away from here. I’ve finally developed a method to my madness that will help me channel my creativity much better and keep the posts flowing in a more consistent manner.

Here are my 2017 landmarks that set me up for 2018 and beyond. A taking stock of sorts…

Wearing the very first piece from my Suesanne’s Collection!! A silk dress shirt with black velvet buttons, defined cuffs and collar – which will be my signature look for all women’s shirts.

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My 28

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It’s obvious I feel some type of way about turning 28. If I were to choose one word to describe this feeling, it would be… sexy! I certainly feel more comfortable in my own skin and who I am as a person.
So many different emotions keep clamoring for attention giving me flashbacks of the various paths I’ve taken willingly and otherwise that led me here. There isn’t and has never been a calculated method to my madness so I’m just going to write down all that comes to me.
I could make this simple, but it’s just a little complicated. I could write things like, ‘I’m blessed’ and tell you how I’ve received a certain level of enlightenment and bouquets of happiness… But that’s just not what I want to write about. I’m a long walk from a clichĂ© and I actually like that about myself!
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Deep Thoughts

Pour Me

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She said goodbye the last time, I wish it were like last time. She changed her mind and came around again. It’s been a while now and still no word. How did she leave me? Oh, the nerve of her!

Now am sitting at the bar saying, “Bartender another round…”

Guess whose drunk again? This bar is an old familiar friend. Drink until I’m stumbling down.

And she was on my mind, I know it’s not the best of times to call, but I need you now.

“Bartender, pour me another round…”

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Deep Thoughts

My Darling Daughter


Dear Eliza, Lisa, or Summer if we really go there,

Lately, I’ve been plagued with thoughts of you. You’re on my mind more than I make sure and you’re in my heart more than you may know. I miss you and I vaguely remember your cheeky laugh. I think you have the deepest set of dimples I’ve always wanted and you have the most innocent glowing eyes that make me fiercely protective of you.

The thought of you makes me want to give up everything and anything for you. Even though you’re not yet here, I find myself making sure when you come home, you have everything you need.

Your father is a King, and when I said I do; he made me his Queen. We were apart for quite a while and it took some time but when we finally collided; big bang, big bang… Look at what we made beautiful, You! Our princess. When I look at you, I see him… reflections of the love he made with me.

You are the most perfect thing I’ve ever created and I see me in you every day. You are the light of my life. You are my grace, my peace of mind, you are mine. I got everything I ever wanted the day I met you. You’re my simple thing.

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Honey Glazed Non-Fat Beef Sauce


Let’s just start with I love, love cooking! It’s literally one of my favourite activities to do while I am at home; Even when I am being forced into it by  a certain someone, (the only woman who basically runs my life!) I secretly really enjoy it! Although I’m not an apron wearing and measuring cup type of cook, I’m pretty good at experimenting and making some awesome dishes!

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Body Suit Fanatic


For starters, it’s Friday! yippi!!!

I am a little bit of a tom boy at heart and I actually had full on side burns when I was younger! Today, I’m wearing some of my favourite accessories including; the white men’s dress shirt, sneakers and a pair of shorts I cut and dyed myself (they were previously jeans :-)). You might have noticed the men’s dress shirt is sorta my thing at the moment. My love affair with them only begun after I started Paple Rayn unlike with the shorts which I’ve always loved wearing. I’m fairly tall and I’d like to think they compliment that quite well. Body suits are accessories I only recently started collecting and I’ve found that they’re pretty easy with the right amount of sassy. They have some cool benefits as well; No panty lines showing above your jeans when you sit down and they give your body some nice shape! Honestly, I was completely sold on the panty line bit cause that’s one of my phobias! I used the oversized dress shirt to compliment the shorts and to even out the outfit.

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