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Sweet Flavored Salad


Did you know that one of my previous jobs involved making cakes and sandwiches which I supplied to several offices (by 8am) for breakfast? Yes it was! It started while I was an intern at The Straight Talk Foundation (STF) during my Senior four vacation. And I simply wanted nice easy breakfast. I used to make these goodies from home and carry them to work. Later on, my workmates begun making orders for both themselves and their families… voila! The Sue’s sandwiches and cakes were born! I continued supplying STF every holiday even after I left and later on expanded my business to various offices in the same area…. I later went to University and lived a very comfortable life with a fully stocked room! :-)  (to be continued) Side note; I am quite an experimental cook as you will discover with all my Dine With Me Posts

This is one of my recent innovations – Sweet flavored Salad! Best served with meaty dishes. I find the contrast between the two tastes such a perfect blend! Here’s the list;

* Cucumber
* Tomatoes
* Apples
* Grapes
* Sweet Corn
* Strawberry cream or yoghurt
* Soy Sauce
* Strawberries
* Sweet Oranges
* Lemon
*Potato Peeler
* Sharp kitchen knife
* Mixing bowl


  • Peel the apples and the cucumber… you can leave the peels if you like them. Not to mention they’re a source of roughage – but I personally don’t like peels and I really really wanted my salad sweet :-)
  • Cut everything in small square pieces and pour all the chopped up ingredients in a mixing bowl.
  • Squeeze one half of the orange and lemon into the bowl, add 5 to 6 drops of the soy sauce and finally, 2 tablespoons of the strawberry cream. For a healthier topping, you can use strawberry yogurt instead.
  • Lastly, pour some drops of Soy sauce. This has a little bit of salt and a mildly spicy flavor. The contrast with the other sweet ingredients makes the salad that much sweeter!
  • Mix lightly…not too much. Just enough to make sure the cream mixes well with all the other ingredients and serve either with the food or in a salad table bowl. I used some of the berries as a topping.

*TIP: Make sure to serve cold. So refrigerate for about 10 minutes before serving.

Thank me when you taste this awesomeness!

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