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Standing In That Paple Rayn


Here we are – again. I sit across from you. You smile fondly. We don’t speak with our words. We spend another part of our day trying to read each other’s mind and trying to figure it all out together.
You sigh and I understand you; Long day. I smile and you understand me; I missed you. We are always in sync here.


Our eyes meet and we both know this is the part where it gets deep. I don’t intend for it to be; But like this connection we have, it just happens. You smile, encouraging me to share… I lean back and do just that…

When the legendary Prince (RIP) passed on; I received a number of messages and calls. It gave me such an interesting feeling. I realized through Paple Rayn I have made interesting connections with a lot of people and for some, deeper than hello. That really warms my heart that something meaningful came out of it all.
I guess because my business is named Paple Rayn, the assumption is that it was named after Prince’s song, “Purple Rain” – it actually wasn’t.5

Paple Rayn came to me when I listened to Frank Ocean’s “If I’m in love” He has that type of voice that softly glides over you without disrupting your emotions. He won’t make you vengeful, angry or too happy… He will let you figure yourself out as you figure him out.
Lying awake one night, he had me when he sang;

Who the hell knows what purple rain is and am I standing in it?

I wanted to know what it would feel like on my face. Would it be cold and awakening? Or warm and soothing?

You tilt your head and I see you wondering why this was very important to me at the time? … I pause, and let you in. Revealing my hidden confession;

Almost 5 years ago… I was really in love for the first time. When it ended, it was terribly painful. I was in a void. Living without feeling; looking without seeing or seeing and hardly noticing.
I needed some sort of purpose and spark. One day, I found myself in a small-ish office room. laptop in front of me, I start feeling something again. Life begun happening in form of a song; With words not yet written. Beautiful melodies and instruments coming together. The rise and fall of each tempo was so exciting for it was neither sad nor happy; I was blissfully discovering the difference. I listen to these instrumentals when I’m trying to figure it out.

They’re beautiful to me. Without words to destruct or force me to define what I am feeling, I could define and re-define it at my own pace all the while feeling something different every single time!
Currently listening to Alicia Keys – Unthinkable and Avant – 4 minutes.

Paple Rayn Hub is where my heart is. You know the saying; “Home is where the heart is” That’s why it has the word hub. That’s our home. Paple Rayn and I. We live there growing and experiencing things outside ourselves and here is where I tell you about what we go through and how we survive.

P.s you might be wondering why I used this photography? I am savoring the moments during this journey. This was an UrbanTv – Fashionista interview I did about Paple Rayn and Paple Rayn Hub a short while ago. I didn’t want to repeat what was in the interview.

I hide with you here as I let myself be deep. You’ll never know everything… and neither will I; I suppose.

The Leather and sequin Jacket I am wearing was designed by me.
Malaika (Laika) the presenter at one point is wearing  a suit that was named Sue also designed by me.

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