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Paple Rayn Turns 3

Words cannot describe this moment! July 16th 2016. As I walked out as the finale fashion showcase for the Paple Rayn 3rd Anniversary, I was completely numb to the hunger pains and extreme fatigue I had earlier on that day. This was my moment and nothing could get in the way of it! I loved every bit of these 10 to 15 seconds!
Seeing me strut my stuff like a queen, would you believe that earlier on in the day at about 12:00pm the Forest Mall parking lot was shy of a crime scene?! With the entire stage set up that started at midnight collapsing after being knocked by one of the building’s clients!! See, that walk up there was saying so much more than you would ever guess

OneLord I better not trip and fall in these 6 inch heels! Also, I can’t feel my feet from running around for 2 days straight but look, I can still walk!

Two; It did NOT rain!! I can’t believe it! What a risk! Thank you Jesus! I told people I was going to speak in tongues or do what I had to do but I was NOT getting a tent because it would ruin the entire parking lot experience I was going for- Everybody… I mean errrrrrybody thought I was nuts! And indeed when it started drizzling at about 5:00pm, 2 hours to guests arriving, I too conceded to the inclination that I needed a brain check. But alas! J.C (Jesus Christ) my boo came through!

Three; for an outfit I literally started on last night, I look pretty darn good 🙂

Four; I cannot wait to sleep for 5 days stright! Gosh!

Five; I need to thank this makeup artist, I look like Beyonce’s distant half cousin, very much on her great grandparents’ side. Now that’s something!

Six; My bra was seriously being naughty all night and sometimes, you just have to laugh at yourself and say; “You go gurrrl! It’s your night too!!”

Seven; mehn! I could hear people clapping, screaming my name over those distinct beats and lyrics from Kanye West’s Fade and I was so touched! I was just so touched… speechless!

Organizing Paple Rayn’s 3rd Anniversary and debut collection for my Paple Rayn Hub Label was truly truly no joke! I always worry about how these two different aspects of the brand can shine without one being stifled by the other. I am currently drafting out a plan on how these two babies of mine can mutually benefit off each other moving forward.


I just want to conclude this by saying, in life, there are countless reasons why you shouldn’t do this, or do that. Or why something might not work and why you should give up, throw in the towel and quit. DO NOT GIVE UP! Define your fight, don’t let it beat you down. The minute you decide to take charge of your life or struggle, you are taking the power out of the problem and putting it into your hands. Here, you’re already a winner! It will NEVER be easy I can tell you that! BUT you get better, wiser, stronger and quicker at getting up. Many times, half the fight is choosing to get up.

Thank you for making your way here… Have a lovely day!

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