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Kampala Serena High Tea Meets Suited: Sue



So if you follow me on social media you know this weekend I was invited to attend Kampala Serena’s High Tea event. I had never attended any of the previous ones so I was definitely looking forward to this one! When they told me the theme was “Colour block” and I should bring a fascinator, I was so excited to bring Sue out! You know; the bubbly, happy, fun, always smiling girl from the Suited Series. When she smiles, you can see that subtle dimple on her right chic… It’s a shy dimple and occasionally makes an appearance.

Sue is this vibrant little piece of fun
Sue is this vibrant little piece of fun and I designed the cutest suit for her! A three quarter turquoise shawl jacket and a pair of suede patterned shorts.


The concept of colour blocking is basically wearing different colours and somehow blending them altogether. This can either be a hit or miss! I believe Sue hit that!!The bag is a maroon neatly woven piece from African Village. I do love playing with certain African textures every once in a while.

reptile textured heels
I wore pink reptile textured heels with a silver toe strap. With everything going on with the outfit, I felt like simple heels were better. Although I still picked something with colour to blend in with the theme.



My fascinator is a piece I’ve had since University! It’s black with lace so I can wear it all sorts of ways.

I walk into the hotel and just right outside the hall, I’m greeted with a delicious glass of cocktail juice. I sit down and rest my little bag and the music starts flooding my senses with such a pleasurable mix of emotions. The DJ had me wanting to twerk several times with Spydaman and Cynthia Morgan’s- Telephone… Major Lazer, Moti & Wiz Kid’s Boom to blissfully reminiscing about my first crush with Neeyo’s -Over my head… Then he made me want a guy who keeps his promises?! Yes; Justin Timberlake – Not a bad thing; But the twerking feeling stayed with me all evening and I found myself wanting to finish that else where at an after party…sigh! Yes Mr. DJ, good job!! Who knew a high tea event would take me on such an emotional roller-coaster? Only at Kampala Serena Hotel…

Anyway, so the reason why I was here; the food!13

I tasted teas I had never heard of in all my 26 years of life. And no, not your usual tea masala or tea leaves… This was something else altogether. They had Jasmine Rain for tranquillity, Berry kiss which had a lovely banana flavour, Earl Grey which was the evening’s version of black tea, Cinnamon Rooibos; a digestive herbal tea with banana fibres and my favourite; Peppermint which had some healthy oils and is a digestive tea as well.

I later went to try the milkshakes and oh boy! They saved my life in 5 minutes! I kept having the one with Avocado. Funny how that might sound strange but this milkshake was like a piece of Heaven in my mouth… Cooling down all the fires of hell! (somebody say Amen!) And I milked that feeling all night! I would definitely attend this event over and over again just because of the food assortment. Only the best from Serena. I wasn’t disappointed at all!

16 17

We later had some brain teasers and discussed our Colour blocking concepts.


Somewhere Ntv Uganda’s Login presenters showed up to cover the event and the ladies in all their glory and pretty fascinators lined up and danced to Rihanna’s Work song. I’m telling you this DJ! There was so much laughter and cheekiness I really had such a good time. One of my friends, Vickie made an appearance as my date and kept making the craziest faces all evening. I laughed so hard at some point I wanted to smack myself to stop! She’s quite the character!

Oh and the cutest little girl came to take a picture with me!!!!! awwwwwwww she was the life of the event btw!!


Just in case you’re thinking about skipping the next High Tea Event, think twice!

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