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Here we are again! I can’t believe you’re still here and I must confess – It’s been a struggle letting you walk through my mind again. It’s a lot easier when I feel like you don’t notice me. I can only stare a little longer when I know you won’t be looking – so you won’t catch me. But now, I think you see me. Now, I think I mean something so I’m trying to move a little different.

So to you, one of many hopeless hearts just passing through
Trapped in a blur not knowing what to do
Here’s me hoping to reach out to you…


If you decide to stay,
Know that you are in for nothing you’ve experienced before and I hope you are for real.

I hope you can dance. Waltzing across the floor in sweeping, slow, intentional movements. Carefully mastering the art of submission and leadership pivoted on something as quiet and fragile as trust. When you need to set it off into a tango, will you dance? Can you swim in the deep end of an unpredictable tempo?

I hope you’re ready to discover who you are every single day; For the very first time and, for the rest of your life!

I pray you let yourself break so you can build something even more beautiful. I hope you won’t run or cover your cracks so that the light can stream through.

You see the pain but, I hope you feel the pleasure too because anything worth living for will bring you to your knees.

I hope you know that you can lose your fears by letting your tears flow

Are you ready to be your own Knight and Shining Armour?
When you need to smile but you can’t afford it; When the floor is more familiar than the ceiling, you have to break in and shake up how you’re feeling. You will need to come for you and set the building on fire if you have to. Whatever it takes to get what you need.

I hope you know seeing is different from looking and I hope you learn to see yourself. When they find you, I hope you let them in so they can guide you when you’re lost. He’ll fight besides and for you and she’ll lift you in ways you could’ve never imagined. I hope you’re ready when they finally find you!

You’ll constantly race against time and your shadow.
Taking steps to move forward and yet feeling like you need to go faster.
I hope you realise this is a marathon and you are the master. Time is your pace.
Carefully reminding you to let your fingers linger a little longer,
helping you stop to breathe a little deeper
Causing you to love a little harder,
Teaching you to speak a little firmer… Because it can all be gone in the blink of an eye before you truly appreciate any of it.

Climb on board, if you must… Only if you’re ready to go all the way. Will you still enjoy the ride when your way isn’t the path taken? Can you remain fiercely committed in the middle of winter just as you did in the summer?

Slowly, sadly and ever so painfully you’ll lose her, him and them when you find you. The loss will linger because losing someone isn’t instant. It happens every morning you wake up thinking of them and every night you fall asleep missing them. It happens in the middle of the day when little things remind your time together. You will lose them over and over again until you are done with it.
So, only admit to this, knowing it’s okay to lose.

And Yet…
If you decide to leave,
If this path is asking you for more than you are willing to give, leave now and take your whole heart with you.
Know that you are a universe inside of a vessel and you need to experience fully.
You are a host of many worlds yet to be explored and it would be unfair for you to exist partially.
Decide and leave now so that you can experience something else that will awaken you fully.

Deep down, I started off writing this to someone struggling with the force of nature entrepreneurship can be but as I got deeper into it, I realised we all have hesitations towards so many different stages of life and somehow, this seemed appropriate for a number of them in one way or another. I must say, it was very therapeutic for me and I hope I could encourage one or two people.

With lots of loooove!

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