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Honey Glazed Non-Fat Beef Sauce


Let’s just start with I love, love cooking! It’s literally one of my favourite activities to do while I am at home; Even when I am being forced into it by  a certain someone, (the only woman who basically runs my life!) I secretly really enjoy it! Although I’m not an apron wearing and measuring cup type of cook, I’m pretty good at experimenting and making some awesome dishes!

Today, we are making a certain special beef sauce completely fat free. My dad turned into a health guru over the past three years and set the tone for the entire household thereafter. Coming home with junk food is generally frowned upon including drinking soda! Way to go Dad, way to go!  So this is something I would make for Sunday lunch where the entire family meets and the variety of dishes served are something to write home about. FYI girlfriends and boyfriends get introduced on these Sunday lunches. So if one of us gives you a Sunday lunch invite, just know you’re getting introduced to the entire Byenkya household and they might have a little target practise on you for fun 🙂




Spring Onions
Green pepper

Sweet corn


Beef Masala powder
Parika powder
Beef Royco powder
Curry Powder
Coriander powder
Black pepper powder
Cardamom powder


These are my extra special ingredients that I use to give this sauce the perfect flavour and blend.

Baking flour


  1. Cut all your vegetables into finely chopped pieces. This is my personal preference because I really can’t stand big vegetable pieces floating all over my food. I usually like to eat them without necessarily noticing them. The vegetables in question are; garlic, green pepper, onions, spring onions and the cilantro.


2. For my tomatoes, I boiled them in order for the skin to crack so that I can peel it off. Have you noticed this happens as you cook and many times you’ll separate the pieces of the tomato skin while you’re eating? Well, the perfectionist in me likes to just remove the skin before cooking altogether.

3. Boil your finely chopped pieces of meat in plain water and separate the cooked meat from the broth into another bowl. Broth is what happens to the water from which the meat has been boiled.

honey-glazed-no-fat-beef-suesanne-tusiime-dine-with-me-3-1 honey-glazed-no-fat-beef-suesanne-tusiime-dine-with-me-3-2

4. Pour a good amount of honey into your boiled meat while it’s seated on a low fire. Pure honey actually melts when it’s heated and doesn’t coagulate. This is what makes it perfect as a substitute for oil or fat. Add your finely chopped onions into the mixture and stir until the meat has a barbecued look to it; A glossier darker brown. I added only the onions during this first process because they add a nice flavour to meats when fried or barbecued together. Cook for about 5 minutes.

5. Mix your spices into your chopped tomatoes with salt (this makes a thick nice spicy paste) and pour the mixture into the pan. I may not give you measurements because it would depend on the amount of meat you’ve prepared. I used half a tea spoon of each spice and a quarter for salt. I usually cook while tasting the food at each phase so I hardly pay attention to measurements. Cook for about 3 minutes

honey-glazed-no-fat-beef-suesanne-tusiime-dine-with-me-3-4 honey-glazed-no-fat-beef-suesanne-tusiime-dine-with-me-3-6 honey-glazed-no-fat-beef-suesanne-tusiime-dine-with-me-3-7

6. Add your remaining vegetables (garlic, cilantro, green pepper and spring onions) and stir. Cook for another 3 minutes.

7. To some of the broth you separated at the beginning, add a tea spoon of baking flour and stir until all the flour has been dissolved evenly to make a creamy off-white sauce. Add the creamy sauce to the mixture and stir (while on the fire) for 5 minutes. This sauce makes the finished product thicker. I am particularly not a fun of very watery sauces.

honey-glazed-no-fat-beef-suesanne-tusiime-dine-with-me-5-1 honey-glazed-no-fat-beef-suesanne-tusiime-dine-with-me-5-2 honey-glazed-no-fat-beef-suesanne-tusiime-dine-with-me-5-3

8. Lastly, add the remaining broth, stir and leave the sauce to boil for about 5 minutes. Your sauce should be ready! You can leave it on the heat as you prepare your salad side dish. Instead of using plain water that would dilute some of the spices and flavour, this is perfect to keep the taste intact.

honey-glazed-no-fat-beef-suesanne-tusiime-dine-with-me-5-4 honey-glazed-no-fat-beef-suesanne-tusiime-dine-with-me-5-5


Cut your avocado and cucumber into fine square pieces, add some shredded carrots and 4 table spoons of sweet corn (you can find this in any supermarket). Mix lightly and pour in a vegetable bowl.

honey-glazed-no-fat-beef-suesanne-tusiime-dine-with-me-4 honey-glazed-no-fat-beef-suesanne-tusiime-dine-with-me-5

I served my dish with boiled plain plantain because the beef sauce has a sweet spicy flavour to it and wanted it to be the main attraction. Hence my salad without any salad cream. Also because salad cream has tons of fat and we are trying to impress my dad’s non-fat pallet.

My mum will give this meal a thumbs up and then my dad will dig in! Lol She runs the show like that!


Photographer: Brian

Thank you for stopping by! Have a lovely weekend!

Ps. Love you guys for sending me lovely messages via my Facebook Page 🙂 I promise I’ll get to the different topic suggestions before this year ends XoXo

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