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Welcome back to my blog after what seems like a century! It’s been the busiest year for me to date and I’m grateful for that, although it kept me away from here. I’ve finally developed a method to my madness that will help me channel my creativity much better and keep the posts flowing in a more consistent manner.

Here are my 2017 landmarks that set me up for 2018 and beyond. A taking stock of sorts…

Wearing the very first piece from my Suesanne’s Collection!! A silk dress shirt with black velvet buttons, defined cuffs and collar – which will be my signature look for all women’s shirts.

Paple Rayn Hub is a men’s bespoke fashion label and I’m keeping it that way. However, there are a couple of pieces I want to make for ladies that are classy, timeless and sexy. These pieces will be under the Suesanne’s Collection which is now the women’s part of The Paple Rayn Hub Label. This silk shirt will be available in different colours along with other pieces I’m working on to be released this January 2018.
I’m so happy to announce that my fashion label is finally making retail pieces for both men and women in different sizes! This is my 2018 vision and I intend to give it all I’ve got!

Crushing on Rihanna and Keyshia Ka’oir aka Mrs. Davis. They’re a perfect combination of spunk, beauty and brains. I recently read that Gucci gave Keyshia 3 million US dollars to invest in her business before he got locked up and she flipped it into her now 6 million dollar makeup and fitness empire within the 3 year period of his incarceration! How boss is that?!
Keyshia is definitely goals in a whole lot of ways for me! I’ve been watching The Mane Event and I see why Gucci smiles and looks at her like he just saw his high school crush! I totally love her “get things done” type of attitude and the fact that she’s constantly aware of what she wants and how she wants it.
As for Rihanna, I believe she single-handedly changed the entire makeup industry all over the world! This has got to be her best year brand-wise and it looks like she’s just getting started!
I’m in complete awe of the entrepreneurial presence these women have and how serious they take the marketing aspect of their brands! The principal that you can’t sell what you don’t use really got me out of my shell and I’m trying to drop this shy and behind the scenes tendency I usually digress toward. I just find women with an entrepreneurial drive extremely sexy and motivating because believe me, it isn’t easy and takes an exponential level of resilience and tenacity to muddle through before you can realise any positive results!

Experimenting profusely and I’m ready for all the highs and lows. I gave up on trying to fit in a long time ago! I might cause an eye brow raise or a nose wrinkle here and there, but – I’m in the process of discovering a lot about my capabilities from both a professional and personal stand point. I don’t quite operate in a little box with four corners. Instead, I focus on creating my own little world full of endless possibilities! No rules, no boundaries – just me falling on my butt sometimes, getting up and doing it better.

Making time for meditation and prayer. I don’t have all the answers and I like making personal lists of things I’m confused about including those I need to wait on God for answers.

Laughing at The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Something about her reminds me of myself.  Let’s not forget This Is Us and all the damn feels it gives. Now this, is what I call good TV! Ps. Randall is totally husband goals ;-* .

Finally choosing Shaggy over Sean Paul! I used to fancy me some Sean Paul back in the day with “just gimmi the light” and all but he lost the plot and conformed. Shaggy… damn! That Jamaican rude boi flow! If you really really want to see me wildin’ out, play; I Got You – Shaggy ft. Jovi Rockwell. When Shaggy talks, who cares what he’s saying??? Issa yes from me!!!

Learning how to say NO. It’s as simple as that! I’ve been surrounded by a couple of new people this year and found myself secretly admiring how they have their needs in perspective. It sounds selfish from the outside looking in and considering I’m the type of person who derives satisfaction and happiness from being able to help those in need around me, it took a while for me to get out of my feelings and look at it logically. Continuing to put other people’s needs above my own only depletes me of the ability to take care of myself – emotionally, spiritually, financially, mentally and physically. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

Moving on much, much quicker. Staying longer than necessary in strenuous and complicated situations with people I surround myself with is one of the biggest disservices I have ever done to my peace of mind!

Reminiscing on my Ssesse and Rwanda trip last year… I can’t begin to explain how much I needed this! I plan to continue doing this for myself every once in a while.

Loving my brother’s wife immensely. She’s the big sister I’ve always wanted!!!

Admitting I’m too scared about a lot of things. However, I’m going to be okay, my path can only get clearer and I am not giving up on going for what I want no matter what!

Listening to swim good – Frank Ocean

Appreciating love and this infinite need we have to be seen, accepted, valued and celebrated for who we truly are – flaws and all. You’d have to be utterly vulnerable in order to feel and receive that deep nourishing type of love. What a paradox indeed! I’m definitely still a work in progress!

Proud of myself for doing my own makeup! Tryna save those coins wherever I can 🙂

Alrighty… I planned on keeping this post short and sweet because what I really meant to do was introduce a sample piece from my Suesanne’s collection and announce that Paple Rayn Hub will officially have ready to wear pieces available for purchase in January. Details regarding sizes and how to purchase will be announced soon on the label’s Facebook page when all the pieces are finally ready.

Dear 2018,
The only kind of fool I want to be, is the kind that fools with you!
Wishing you a happy new year and I hope the year 2018 will be as fruitful as you intend it to be!

Thank you for stopping by, much love! XoXo


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