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Welcome back to my little world of possibilities. I’m trying to blog at least twice a month now so I don’t lose your interest just like my date did at that P.5 Lohana Academy School dance because I showed up dressed in a leotard. I’d have been a pro at chicken tiika recipes and chili bombs by now but oh well, I think I’m doing pretty okay being a bad-ass at cream mashed potatoes, banana bread cakes, sweet pork and beef barbecue sauce.

I don’t know if you’ve watched the animation Finding Nemo but I did back in 2003 when it was released and I loved it! Nemo is a clown fish with a foreshortened fin and in hopes of proving himself, swims too close to the surface and gets caught by a diver. The entire movie moving forward is orchestrated around different events and characters – mainly his father, coming together in hopes of finding him. After what seems like an endless line up of obstacles, death traps and catastrophes, Marlin – Nemo’s father is finally reunited with his son!

Who or what is your Nemo? That one thing you’ve desperately been looking for? Is it a well paying job (financial stability), peace, spirituality, a good wife or husband, purpose, happiness, me-time, forgiveness, good nurturing friendships…
Do you know that finding your Nemo begins with you? For every single thing you desire that keeps you up at night or causes you to drift off in the middle of a conversation begins with you admitting that you need to put in the work to achieve it.

“There’s no shortcut to any place worth going.” 

Sometimes we are good at just talking about the things we want. We bring it up anytime an inspirational topic comes up and we want to contribute to the conversation, we bring it up because we are sitted next to a pretty girl or a handsome guy and think we’ll look like we are headed somewhere in life. Quite frankly, our friends are tired of hearing us blabbing about the same things over and over again they just sigh or feign an interest in the topic.

Here’s the thing; “What we say is who we want to be; But what we do is who we really are.”

So who are you??? NO! Really… tell me, WHO ARE YOU? You aren’t your dreams, hopes and fantasies – Dreamer. You are exactly what you’re doing to achieve them –Achiever.
Denzel Washington – Fall Forward (University of Pennsylvania graduation speech).  Aside from that being one of the best motivational speeches ever, he says everyone has the talents and the training to succeed; But do you have the guts to fail? Because if you don’t fail, you’re not even trying and if you give up after a few tries, then that’s not something you really wanted.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done” – Thomas Jefferson

Try your darn hardest at something with no excuses and don’t give up until you’ve left every stone unturned! When (not if but when) you fail, walk away better, stronger, more knowledgeable and equipped for the next attempt. Stop walking around blaming everybody but yourself for giving such a weak swing at grabbing your Nemo. Stop being okay with giving a mediocre attempt and not rising to the occasion prepared to put in the work!

You want to be happy but can barely appreciate the people around helping you with your personal life struggles and hurdles. You forget those people take away from themselves every time they help you with the little they have. I have never met a happy-ungrateful person. Have you?

More money… But you don’t save and neither do you don’t invest. How exactly do you hope to acquire more without growing your capital or cutting down on unnecessary expenditures?

Peace of mind… but you are in the middle of everybody’s drama! You are a freaking landmine and strategically place yourself in harms way waiting to blow up anybody who so much as touches you! You start every fire and point fingers with the classic “It wasn’t me!”

Good nurturing friendships… when did you last say, “I’m sorry, I hurt your feelings” or “Thank you for being there for me even when I wasn’t being my best self” or “Can I take you for coffee or a drink to hear about the issue you told me you were going through?” or “I love you, you are an awesome friend, have a good day!” Who was the last person you were absolutely nice to outside your family and the intent wasn’t driven by your desire to sleep with them?!? Yeah – we are going there today!

When I say your Nemo is simultaneously wrapped within your ability to prepare and position yourself like a goal keeper ready to catch it; Do you see what I mean?
If there’s one thing I’ve seen repeatedly happen no-matter how cliche it sounds is; Bet on yourself and be the change you hope to see or receive. Whatever you want will ultimately begin with how well you prepare yourself to; Spot it, Grab it and Nurture it.

With that said, its only right that I tell you my Nemo is… happiness. It doesn’t matter if I’m selling tomatoes, driving my Range Rover (you feel me?!), standing in Wandegeya at 2am waiting for my rolex, designing your next Paple Rayn Hub Suit, on a candle lit dinner date-night (yes, I’m a hopeless romantic), talking to girls in rural-Uganda about menstruation, breastfeeding my future babies looking like I’m about to be the main star in the remake of The Mummy or that possessed doll Annabelle…

I plan to be happy at the core of it all. All up and through the madness life has to offer. That, is my Nemo.

“Happiness is where we put it; Only we never put it where we are”

Photography by: Brian

PS. These photos are some old edits I hadn’t used from one of my previous blog posts; My Darling Daughter. I may or may not have some round cheeks now! 🙂

I Love you guys! Thank you for stopping by! XoXo

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