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Well, hello my Valentine!
If you’re reading my blog today, you have the pleasurable honor of being my sweet valentine 🙂
I thought about what I’d want to say during the moments of this sweet, red tainted and ever so corny period of the year (it just is…) I’ve put a little spin on it and turned it into something less cliché – or so I hope, so here goes!

Dear Men,

Tell me how you love me more and how you think I’m sexy babe. Tell me you don’t want anyone else, how you love my body and how I make you feel baby; you want to stay warm and get out of the cold with me – I just love to hear you say it; it makes a woman feel good. Tell me you depend on me, I need to hear it.

And suddenly,
We had each other.
Just put your heart in my hands…♥♠

Yes, I do understand how you work and pay the bills – everything you do is for me… I still need you to come home to me and give me the world.

This life has taught me a thing or two… Ease up and let me show you something new. That doesn’t have to make you feel so blue and it’s not that I know more than you do. I could just teach you what life has taught me too.

When I vehemently fight for my opinion to be heard, it’s not because I just love being difficult or right. In fact, all I want is for you to see I’m trying to be more than a “Becky”- a pair of boobs and a hot lay. I want to give you more than one or two reasons to stay. I want to be all that and more… more for you.

There’s nothing wrong with you hanging out with your boys as long as you remind me my love is your one and only desire. Remind me I still give you that fire and I’ll be more than happy to help you put it out…

When I say I need you, it isn’t for salon and spa treatments even though those are such nice gestures of how much you care.
I mean, I need you to be where I rest and lay my head after putting out fires all day.
I need you to fight for my mental, emotional and spiritual needs because I’m constantly struggling with taking care of myself above everyone else. I need you to force me out of my funk and make me laugh like we did way back when we’d just started kicking it.
I need you to be a King, so that I can be your Queen.
I need for our children to have a chance at inheriting the royalty blood-line of your astounding character in this crippled world!
I need you to support me fighting the barriers this society still has in place that keep me from commanding the respect I deserve because I am a woman, your woman.

Sometimes I sit and think about you. Not necessarily how good you look in your Paple Rayn Hub suit, your deep hearty laugh, or your acute sense of humor… but how strong you have to be or appear at all times because of the expectation laid upon you to always have things figured out.
How you’re left out of many moments because you’re a man. For instance, not carrying your child for those 9 months and experiencing this from a distance of sorts.
Not being the one they cling to their  early years of development because you can’t produce breast milk and they don’t see you as “home.” – not for a while at least. I wonder what that feels like.

You have to make several tries at finding your Eve because she’s that one woman who fits you perfectly.
Shouldering the gruesome sting of rejection every time it’s a miss and still needing to maintain your shoulders perfectly squared and proud despite the number of hits they take from outside and within.
Many of your struggles seem like sharp, painful pangs of death to me! How do you do it?! I cannot fathom the level of both pain and strength you posses within that hard exterior and yet, you somehow manage to find it within yourself to enjoy your manliness.
You yearn for opportunities to express it by flinging yourself in harms way over and over again to protect what you truly value! How you show your love and strength is truly something to be marveled at!

He said,
“You’re my Eve, I am your Adam so let’s start new lives”…

When I tell my mother and father about you, that’s when we really are official! Give them the honor and respect of not just saying “it” but being about IT!

You are just a man, I’m just a woman. You aren’t perfect and neither am I. What is so wrong with you simply saying you’re sorry??? Why is your pride and ego more important than our peace? Try a little tenderness – it makes this life so much easier to bear. So, c’mon let’s stop wasting all our energy, let’s stop wasting summer on our knees.

Sometimes I get lonely and I wish you’d just hold me than trying to make me explain why some days hurt more than others. It’s like asking rain to sing above the thunder or expecting spring to understand autumn.

I am not clingy. Look into my eyes… there’s just no love, like your love and I don’t want any other to give me more love unless it’s your love… There’s no where I’d rather be unless you’re there all the time.

9 times out of 10, I’m probably not staring at you. It’s just that there is nothing left to hide and now you can see what you mean to me.  Now that you’ve found me, I’m not searching anymore…

At times I say things that are not fair. Like if you don’t feel how I wanted that means you don’t care… I know that’s the furthest thing from the truth because you’d do anything for me. Even though we argue, fuss and fight, even though at times we don’t get it right and cause each other pain… Even so, I just can’t see my life without you in it.

Did you like last night’s dinner I prepared? What about breakfast this morning? I want you to know I don’t cook because we need to eat. We’re in the 21st century my love, there are take-out services and house helpers. When I insist on cooking it’s because I want to give you my heart in my small little ways over and over again, everyday. Don’t take it for granted.

YES, YES, YES I believe in magic and fairytales. How do you think our kids got into this world?! That was pure sorcery at the highest level!!! From now onwards, if I say unicorns exist just say, “Yes babe” because I HAVE SEEN THINGS BABE!!! I HAVE SEEN THINGS! Matter of fact, just say yes to everything because… well, just BECAUSE!

PS; This is isn’t to every and any type of man. As you must have gathered by now, I’m not any type of girl either. With that said, it’s only right I conclude this post by saying,

Yours Sincerely,
A girl like me ♥.

Photography: Tonic William (He’s finally got a hang of my extreme camera shyness! This photo-shoot was a trip! Gosh! But we got it right. We’ll be working together a lot moving forward.)

Model: Emmanuel Mugenyi (My interesting cousin. He told me he’s single and looking to settle down this year so ladies, hola at me!)

Suit: Paple Rayn Hub 3 Piece Peak Lapel Tux.

Dress: Silk Red strapless Marmalade dress from my hand-made Suesanne’s Collection under my Paple Rayn Hub brand still, but for women. The launch has taken a bit of time because I’m an annoying perfectionist (I’ll eye roll on your behalf) and still refining some of the pieces. Please be a little more patient 🙂
This entire post was orchestrated to not only show off my smile or playful-romantic side, (which people have come to believe doesn’t exist due to my CEO face I wear 99.9% of the time) but this dress and Tux too!

As always, thank you for stopping by! Even though this day is as cliché as it gets, I hope you can chuckle at all the madness that comes with it.
Love you! XoXo 

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  1. This is well written sis. And definitely the most romantic I’ve “heard you be.” *wink* . The bespoke male model’s suit blends harmoniously with the red dress. Looking forward to more from the Suesanne’s Collection for Women.

  2. I love this post so much, I felt like I was reading a romance book or tips to love your woman better, it’s great! The pics are so wow!

    1. Hello Kenneth. I am so glad I could inspire someone with my style of blogging. Thank you so much for appreciating my art! I’m so honoured 🙃🙃🙃

  3. When reading this I thought a was reading a romantic novel , didn’t know the other side of you. Thanks for inspiring men and teaching them how to love their spouses better.

  4. I landed on this blog recently as I googled Suesanne Tusiime. This particular write up got my attention. Could not stop reading until the end. Big fan of you now.

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