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“For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse, crumble! This is not your destruction. This is your birth.” N.T

“I understood myself only after destroying myself and only in the process of fixing myself, did I know who I really was.” Sade Andria Zabala.

Self discovery and growth have always been interesting concepts to me because of how well they highlight ones beauty and strength within the gruesome process of falling apart. What a paradox! For one to recognize light, they must first know darkness and for one to appreciate happiness, they must first suffer the deathly grip of sadness… The irony that is life!

We’re somehow always trying to define and redefine who we are to others and or ourselves. Spending so much time orchestrating what we believe is the meaning of our existence and purpose…


He is Emmanuel Mugenyi. One of my paternal cousins with whom I have such good personal and business chemistry. My two elder brothers had a good run as Paple Rayn Hub ambassadors especially when I needed photoshoots taken of my work until life got in the way. I do like dressing normal bodied men because if I can make them look good, then I can make Idris Elba look like… well, Idris Elba! With that said, don’t believe the Red Pepper hype about Emma and I. Ain’t nobody getting a room with their cousin! Yikes! But shout out to their team of bandits for the bonus publicity even though it’s always as misguided as an idiot missing the point. Sigh!

B U T… This isn’t about explaining who this tall caramel-ish looking gentleman I occasionally create chemistry with in-front of the camera is… (whew! That was a long description!)

Oh, this is about PAPLE RAYN HUB
We are a revolution: Growing, evolving, adapting and morphing.
Metamorphosis is happening in the most exhilarating and scary way ever! Look at the beautiful shirts we now make for both ladies and gentlemen! Oh my gosh! I could scream and burst your eardrum right now. I could slap you so hard and knock out one of your molars. I could pinch you so hard and… okay! No more domestic violence references. I could burst into a gazillion sparkly confetti pieces right this instant!

The past couple of months have been consumed with making sure that growth on the inside is reflected on the outside and drum roll… for real reals guys!

I am happy to announce that we are in the process of decorating our first ever showroom! C’mon, Can I just punch you in the mouth please? Purely out of excitement, of course! Our showroom is located a few meters a long Bukoto – Kisaasi road opposite St. Andrews Church Bukoto. When we’re done working on the interior, we’ll make sure to send out an APB alert so you can come over for a cup of tea and banana bread cake accompanying your proper jacket, trouser and shirt fitting. (I think I just teared a lil bit but never mind…)

When I say “we” I mean to assert that even though it might still feel like everything heavily relies on my energy, vision, tenacity and meticulous execution, I have a team behind me slowly coming into formation that will give me some semblance of balance and room to plan out aspects of the brand no one else can. I am so grateful for each and everyone of them! Multiplying these hands on deck and making sure all future and current partnerships are purposefully curated to show what Paple Rayn Hub represents has been quite the experience! whew! But, those are tales for another day. Today, we are celebrating growth!

We are still learning, experimenting and twerking (LOL, what? It rhymed nicely!)… and through it all, I’ve learned to be more accepting and patient without the neatly wrapped bow on all of this. Certain things occasionally come outta no where and smack me dead across my face – hard!
You know how gooey the transition from a caterpillar into a butterfly is, but with some patience, beautiful things are always bound to happen! As Otis Redding put it, Try A Little Tenderness ,

[Verse 1]
Oh, she may be weary
Young girls they do get weary
Wearing that same old shaggy dress, yeah yeah
But when she gets weary
Try a little tenderness, yeah yeah

[Verse 2]
You know she’s waiting
Just anticipating
For things that she’ll never, never, never, never possess, yeah yeah
But while she’s there waiting, without them
Try a little tenderness (that’s all you gotta do)

[Verse 3]
It’s not just sentimental, no, no, no
She has her grief and care, yeah yeah yeah
But the soft words, they are spoke so gentle, yeah
It makes it easier, easier to bear, yeah

I’ve serenaded you with all this sugar just to say; We still have a long way to go but we are making steady progress as far as refining aspects of our products and services with the aim of serving all our clientele better is concerned. The key is to take it step by step and reserve energy to fight and live another day. After all, Rome wasn’t built in one day, right?!

Thank you for all your encouragement and support throughout the years! Paple Rayn Brand actually made 5 years in July 2018 and soon, we’ll have our first showroom open for our bespoke fashion label. Ain’t that something!!!

I love creating pieces for women that fit within the same masculine cut and look my brand has while modifying a few details to give them that slight feminine touch.

As always, thank you for stopping by! Much Love, XoXo

Photography: Tonic William Brenxton Contacts: +256700-162-790 /+256791-177-614 / +256770-700-735

Complete Wardrobe & Arm Bracelets: The Paple Rayn Hub Label

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  1. Hey susan,
    Thanks for the styles fashion that you bring Emma’s wear will be coming for a fix soon.cheers

      1. Cong’s the display just moved me. That’s a nice one….. Cong’s. Interesting and highly motivational for sales.

  2. Happy 5 years and I’m happy to see all these new exciting developments you are embarking on. Best of luck and I hope to be back as a customer soon.

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