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Honey Glazed Non-Fat Beef Sauce


Let’s just start with I love, love cooking! It’s literally one of my favourite activities to do while I am at home; Even when I am being forced into it by  a certain someone, (the only woman who basically runs my life!) I secretly really enjoy it! Although I’m not an apron wearing and measuring cup type of cook, I’m pretty good at experimenting and making some awesome dishes!

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Kampala Serena High Tea Meets Suited: Sue



So if you follow me on social media you know this weekend I was invited to attend Kampala Serena’s High Tea event. I had never attended any of the previous ones so I was definitely looking forward to this one! When they told me the theme was “Colour block” and I should bring a fascinator, I was so excited to bring Sue out! You know; the bubbly, happy, fun, always smiling girl from the Suited Series. When she smiles, you can see that subtle dimple on her right chic… It’s a shy dimple and occasionally makes an appearance.

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