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Kaaba Lovin’


A few months ago, I was searching for certain types of materials and landed on a very exotic image of now what I know to be a Kaaba Coat. It has a rich velvet material with fine gold embroidery around the shoulder running meticulously all the way to the bottom as seen in the pictures above. I was in so much awe of it being a wedding attire for the Habesha Bride from Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Talk about royalty! The matching head pieces under their beautiful curls and nicely trimmed hair and crowns for some of the couples makes it all look divine!

One of the things I’ve always known about Ethiopia and Eritrea is that some of the most beautiful women in the world hail from here. (P.s one of my favorite song birds from back in the day is Eritrean. Y’all remember Mya right?)

After discovering this Kaaba Coat, it led me to believe a rich, very colorful, lavish cultural background hails from here too! I mean, have you ever attended a three day wedding ceremony filled with different cultural festivities from start to finish? Read details here.

The traditional hairstyle for the Habesha bride is a unique style of braids which adds a certain innocence and softness altogether with a touch of gold traditional jewelry . The brides are also covered in henna all over their hands and feet.

They’re makeup usually has a soft finish always accentuating their softer features and beautiful doe eyes.

Being the designer that I am, (coughs loudly…) I decided to give the coat a different vibe. I added some arm passages and gave it a cape like feel. Instead of the embroidery, I switched it up with fur and contrasting pattern fabric. Something that could work with the Ugandan Kanzu for a Ugandan traditional Kwanjula setting

I was getting some Coming to America-Zulu vibe! kaaba-loving-specialAll that was missing were some traditional walking sticks… Now that’s some way to make a grand entrance! I love culture and merging different elements and aspects of it from all over the world to create something unique.

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