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How to make a pebble or stone backdrop (DIY)


Hey guys! It’s lil’ ol me here… This post has come after another long spell right? Mehn! I’m told I take on too much and I am currently trying to reorganize my schedules so I can have free time to blog more often.
Today we are gonna learn how to make cool stone or pebble backdrops! I always need different backdrops for Paple Rayn and Paple Rayn Hub photo shoots to keep things interesting & this is how I landed on this idea ?

What you’ll need and where I got each item:

*Pebbles (as opposed to ordinary stones) I bought each kg at 7000ugx from a pet store called Aquaria Pet Store along Mawanda road Kamwokya. The road opposite City Oil. I usually buy all my dog food and toys here (P.s this is the best pet store in Kampala!) I purchased these pebbles and stones in white, black and silver. They had gold too.1

* Metallic tray or Wooden tray. A metallic tray you can buy from any supermarket. The wooden tray, I had it made by a carpenter near home at only 30,000ugx and it was quite big! However for the usual wooden table tray, any store would have that.

* Paint. In any colour of your choice. According to your stone colour or in contrast to it. I bought 1 litre at 17,000ugx of matte black from Hardware world Ntinda. For this; mix with water. It has a matte finish and dries fairly quickly. I also bought another half  litre of gloss black paint at 6000ugx . For this; mix with paraffin NOT water. FYI, this type takes longer to dry but has a shiny glossy finish.

* Paint brush. Duh! Buy one according to the size of your tray. I bought a small one still from hard ware world. Any hardware shop should have these.

* Painting clothes. You’re going to stain yourself. Something old would be nice. Ps. Don’t mind me in my flowery sassy clothing… For the purpose of looking cute for the blog post, I had to dress up a little ?

> Make sure you’ve stain-proofed your work surface with paper or polythene. Cleaning up afterwords becomes easy.4

> Mix your paint with water or oil proportionally according to the paint type you purchased.
> Mix the paint with your brush and start painting the frame of your tray. Make sure you’ve got all the small spaces in the sides.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Make another good amount of paint mixing it with water or oil proportionately and pour in any format in the middle of your tray where the pebbles will be placed. The paint provides a good base so fill up the entire tray with paint. In puddles actually.8

> Smudge the paint all over until it has evenly been spread then pour another layer until the puddles of paint are visible all over your tray.

Start to put the stones/pebbles in whatever form you like. I put black mostly at the edges, then silver and white mostly in the middle. I put some around the edges to even it out but maintained the black pebbles as the dominant colour at the edges.

Black Pebbles12

Silver Pebbles13

White Pebbles.1415


Voila! Just wait for about 1 week for it to fully dry and you have your pebble and stone backdrop!

Here is the type with the metallic table trays from the supermarket. Using Silver paint and silver stones; White paint and white pebbles; Black glossy paint and black pebbles.18


Instagram ready! 🙂

Btw you can also use these trays as decor pieces and hangings…

Much ? ? ?
Feel free to send me an email or comment on anything you would like me to blog about 🙂


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