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For starters, it’s Friday! yippi!!!

I am a little bit of a tom boy at heart and I actually had full on side burns when I was younger! Today, I’m wearing some of my favourite accessories including; the white men’s dress shirt, sneakers and a pair of shorts I cut and dyed myself (they were previously jeans :-)). You might have noticed the men’s dress shirt is sorta my thing at the moment. My love affair with them only begun after I started Paple Rayn unlike with the shorts which I’ve always loved wearing. I’m fairly tall and I’d like to think they compliment that quite well. Body suits are accessories I only recently started collecting and I’ve found that they’re pretty easy with the right amount of sassy. They have some cool benefits as well; No panty lines showing above your jeans when you sit down and they give your body some nice shape! Honestly, I was completely sold on the panty line bit cause that’s one of my phobias! I used the oversized dress shirt to compliment the shorts and to even out the outfit.

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Dress shirt: Paple Rayn Men’s Shirt Section

Sneakers: Paple Rayn Pre-order Section

Body Suit: Thrifted

Photography: Brian Ssewankambo

Thank you for stopping by as always! Have a lovely weekend!

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