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Being a créateur de mode

Paple Rayn Hub Suit Photoshoot (31a)

This is me on a creative high!

Sometimes I’m walking in town, reading an article on the internet or just sitting on a couch listening to some track like…

Suddenly, I get this rush of blood exploding inside my head forcing that imaginary bulb to go off.

My facial expressions during this high are characterized by; A hard unwavering gaze like I just saw my future baby daddy paired with an almost cynical smile. That smile is pretty much Suzie in one word! Remember my alter ego? Yap!

Everything at this point has been paused.

The track going off tonight that started this thirst trap is non-other than; R. Kelly – Speaking my language on max volume with some heavy base. Earphones plugged in of course!

The beginning with those drums and self-explanatory lyrics… Aaaah 

“So, baby lemi take you on my roller-coaster

where we stop girl, I dunno… “

At this point, I’m completely fired up and – it’s on!


You know those slow motion moves in music videos?

Girl walks into a room dripping in sexy.

Her hair and hips swaying in perfect sync.

Her eyes saying, ” Yes. I’m the one.”

She gives her lower lip a soft nibble; Gentle enough for you to notice how supple it is…

This is where we are at.

I open my notes app and start writing like crazy. I’ll start with who I am going to be. Sue or Suzie. I’ll pick Suzie because with her everything is on the table.


Every ounce of my bravado is embedded in her presence.

Nothing is too big.

“No” doesn’t exist in her vocabulary and you know you want her to have her way.

I usually need to expel all this fire as my high is coming to an end.

Emails, phone calls and WhatsApp messages start going out…

When the entire plan has finally come to life, Sue surfaces. The satisfied smile with a laugh. Sometimes it’s a chuckle. Sue is usually cute, you’d like her. BUT this, isn’t about her.

It might not make sense how my creations as a fashion designer come from such raw emotions and not calculated concepts.

Personally, I’d like to think it’s because creativity is usually born from the core personality or attributes of the creator. In short, you cannot create what you aren’t.

What you see here is how I play with my fire and set it on my brand.

I still don’t know everything, I’m learning and trying to improve every day but this is the vision of what I want my brand to stand for. This brand is who I am.

I always have a fear of putting myself out there because I am still in the baby phases of building and I’d be setting myself up for flood gates of criticism and hateration but I’ve developed a mechanism within my personality to absorb just enough of the necessary part in order for me to grow.

I am always aware I’m working with human beings (including myself ?) and not robots. Therefore, my top most priority at the moment, is to curve the rate at which errors occur and I’m working on a couple of things to make this happen.

On a personal note, entrepreneurship has given me a firmer handle on who I am and what I want. I don’t shy away from complicated situations… If anything, I am usually drawn to understanding the complication and discovering how to work around it. That’s what my best friend terms as the “fixer” personality default of mine.

It’s not peculiar that entrepreneurs have good introspection. We constantly evaluate our abilities, strengths and weaknesses against the task(s) at hand and this constant self-analysis makes you aware of yourself in a good and bad way all the time!

In short, if I’m acting crazy, I know exactly why! Most of the time I find myself needing a support system of cheerleaders. I usually know what it is I’m doing or want to do and why – but I need check points in place to make sure I know;

1. I’m human and I’m allowed to feel all the emotions that come with that.

2. One step at a time.

3. What’s really really important.

4. Steady progress is a lot of progress too.

5. Taking a step back can be a set up for 10 steps forward.

6. All work and no play… Go and play!

I’ll soon launch a Paple Rayn Hub women and men’s ready to wear collection with an outlet where pieces for clientele-on-the-go can be purchased.

For now, as I enjoy the new Acacia Mall Offices (great milestone this year!!!) and The Paple Rayn Brand making 4 years going onto 5 (eeeeeeeish!!!), I can promise you that we’d make your Bespoke suits.

For this photo shoot, I partnered with Stephen Kibuuka who provided his beautiful rental cars and well-dressed chauffeurs. I haven’t met a car hire service provider who is as on top of his game as Stephen is. He was the service provider for my big brother’s recent wedding and that picture of him holding an umbrella for my brother as he walked out to his car says it all!

I know Y’all notice the BMW’s but you know the Jaguar’s number plate is a UBA right??! He gets my vote for president! ???

And this gorgeous tall guy is my big brother. ? ? ? My superman right now cuz he alwaaays shows up and shows out for my brand.

PS. I loooove you guys! Thanks for stopping by. My previous post was a little sad-ish but I got my groove back so, I’m on the up and up now!

As always, xoxo


PHOTOGRAPHY: Tonic William                                      


SUITS: All Suits were designed by me under my fashion label; Paple Rayn Hub



















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  1. Loooooooooooooove this! The wait after that sneak pic car video was worth it!
    Also I think I need to see an entourage in that preppy inspired look! The Conservative in me loves her some prep!
    Get it girl!

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