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If You Decide To Stay…

If-you-stay-blog-post-suesanne-tusiime-suesanne (10b)

Here we are again! I can’t believe you’re still here and I must confess – It’s been a struggle letting you walk through my mind again. It’s a lot easier when I feel like you don’t notice me. I can only stare a little longer when I know you won’t be looking – so you won’t catch me. But now, I think you see me. Now, I think I mean something so I’m trying to move a little different.

So to you, one of many hopeless hearts just passing through
Trapped in a blur not knowing what to do
Here’s me hoping to reach out to you…


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Finding Nemo…

suesanne-tusiime-finding nemo (13)

Welcome back to my little world of possibilities. I’m trying to blog at least twice a month now so I don’t lose your interest just like my date did at that P.5 Lohana Academy School dance because I showed up dressed in a leotard. I’d have been a pro at chicken tiika recipes and chili bombs by now but oh well, I think I’m doing pretty okay being a bad-ass at cream mashed potatoes, banana bread cakes, sweet pork and beef barbecue sauce.

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