Dating Ms. Independent

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Well, well, well… Here we are!

When I’d asked my followers on social media to relay suggestions of blog topics they’d be interested in me writing about, I half expected feedback to circle around entrepreneur topics and I was pleasantly surprised that ALL topic suggestions rotated around relationships with both oneself and others. I particularly liked the question, “Write about the perceived plight of single independent women in Uganda. Is that a myth or real issue” because it would force me to be as real and honest as possible – which I found quite hard as I generally dislike being categorized or put in a box. I like being looked at s a wholesome individual and as much as certain characteristics or attributes might stick out like a sore thumb, I do possess deeper aspects that are more fragile. Single Independent Woman… hmmm Sounds like wonder woman wrapped in Iron man’s suit to be honest and I usually sigh a bit at the sound of that only because the statement has a connotation of non-emotional hardness, I guess… But here’s the thing, it did force me to analyse myself with regards to where I belong in today’s society. I’m made up of different components that would suggest I am indeed a single independent woman living in today’s Ugandan society. I do have the ability to take care of myself both financially, mentally, physically and spiritually. After dancing to the beat of my own drum for  while now, I have earned a bit of freedom to wield my destiny with the guidance of my supreme master planner, God.

I also thought; Ne-Yo’s Miss Independent directly described me but most importantly, I found myself admiring the man who thought women of this caliber were sexy! I even took the liberty of custom designing the wardrobe for this blog post to suit his music video orchestration!

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